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Chemical…more valuable than expected
Welcome to an exclusive experience of the first petrochemical museum in Thailand. The museum where you can learn and understand the ‘New World’ of petrochemicals, with wonderful stories that can create endless ‘value’.
5 experiences
that will give you ‘more’
at CHEMECA Museum

More Fun

with interactive experiences in Thailand's first petrochemical museum.

More Knowledge

by collecting the most petrochemical knowledge and data from past to future.

More Value

to create and expand petrochemical value in unexpected ways.

More Eco

to learn that plastics can create sustainability in our world.

More Stylish

with fashion products and items from recycled plastic.

Why is chemical valuable?

  • Today chemical is more relevant than ever. Walking through stories from past to future of Thai petrochemical industry evolution.
  • To show an important role in driving the Thai economy through history and important persons, to simulate knowledge and understanding of Thai petrochemical industry and product.
  • To understand the connection between ‘innovation’ and ‘products’ of petrochemicals merged with the modern lifestyle which leads to a better quality of life and sustainability.

Our story

GC Chemical Experience Museum is located on 1,000-meter square area of GC Chemical Experience Campus, Rayong, which is the Thai petrochemical learning center under PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) In remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej for the inspiration, he gave to the petrochemical business development. GC has followed in the footsteps of royal thought and become the moving strength of the nation in terms of economics, society, and sustainable environment.


Our products are diverse and very interesting, such as souvenirs, GC Circular Living products, BIO products, and social enterprise products.

How to Visit

GC Chemical Experience Museum

It is located at GC Chemical Experience Campus, or GC Branch 15, at 66 Highway 363, Nernpra Subdistrict, Mueang District, Rayong Province.

It is approximately 180 kilometers from Bangkok, with a driving time of just over 2 hours via Highway 7 (Motorway). Take the exit at Pong 3 toll booth and continue on Highway 36 towards Mueang District, Rayong. At Sam Yaek Suan Somdet Yaa Intersection, turn right onto Highway 363 and continue straight for 5 kilometers. Make a U-turn at the Namsamlee Intersection, and you will find GC Chemical Experience Campus on the left side.